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The Sweet Suit
Suit Spotlight

The man. The myth. The mustard.

Caillou is such a little bitch, you know that? "Manners any mother would love" my ass. If that were my kid, I'd feed him to those baby wolf noses! Twitching and sniffing. I think that monkey looks a little like you, Caillou!

I love Aracd and Vince, man. Look at high school Vince down there! What a dork! I'd totally marry him and have his children.

Seymour High School - 1985

I Like Hubcaps by Brak

I like eggrolls and crab rolls,
Crab legs, but not frog legs
I like duck sauce with duct tape
And jumping on the bed
I like Popeye, Pipeye,
Popeye Poopeye Peepeye
Olive Oyl and Bluto,
And falling on my head
Falling on my head
I like throwing spaghetti
At Bigfoot and Yeti
I like Veronica and Betty,
Don't call me Jughead!
I like gumballs and rumballs,
I like cheeseballs and cheesecake
I like pineapple upside-down cake,
Why's it upside-down?


"You're never too old to burn to death in a fire." -- Red Forman
"Self, you're too serious. I'm going to party." -- Hal Sparks
"In my plan, we are beltless." -- Andrew Wells

Sponges are scaaary.